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I Need Some Help With My Impaler!


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Ok Im still trying to get the wiring working just the way I want it but the last guy I had rewire it really mucked it :D now I have to start over fresh and I have A guy thats going to help me

but I need some one to make me up a rough Wiring schematic for what I have and need this way the new guy CANT mess it up and he will know what to do step by step

Its a basic set up

just a dual coil Humbucker, a miny togel switch that provides humbucker split-coil options, 500k volume and tone pots, and A Varitone switch from BigD http://www.bigdguitars.com/varitonespec.htm , and a barrel jack like this http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/image...socket97369.jpg



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Try this:


Sort of quick and dirty, but should be readable by anyone familiar with schematics. There are many different ways to wire this. You could move the tone and/or varitone after the volume pot, for example (the varitone installation instructions say to do this, but I'd rather not). With this diagram, the front coil is activated in single coil mode. You could move the shorting switch to the front coil if you wanted to use the rear coil in single coil mode. Or you could use one of these (top row) to get both options.

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