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Primer Peeling Off Maple

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well i feel gutted :D

ive been putting a few coats of nitro primer on my guitar (dont worry its not figured or anything) and when i look at it this morning it has peeled away around the trem cavity, the paint hasnt broken but you can see the wood.

i remember reading with maple you dont need to seal it - so i didnt, all i did was sand it to 400, is 400 grit too much?

so the question remains is it rectifiable or am i going to have to sand the whole top down and the back to be on the safe side and re prime it?

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Is your body made out of maple?

Maybe the lacquer soaked into the wood?

How many coats did you apply? If you mixed your own primer it may be semi-opaque allowing you to see the wood.

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My body is made of maple.

i suppose the primer could of seeped into the wood, i thought the primer acted as a primer and a sealer, maybe ive got it wrong. i have done a wetsand on the primet and it went through but no where near the patch its lifting, its happened on the back aswell. it seems its doing it on the edges of the routes where its not so smooth.

what would be the best course of action? rub it all back with 240? then seal it? i dont know really.

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The wet sand set off the alarm, how wet was it? it is quite possible water got into the wood through the routs, and that is causing the wood (and paint) to swell.


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