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Telecaster Rw/rp Pickup Wiring

el pucho

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Hi everyone,

I have carried out the T-riffic mod, using a double wafer switch, I seen on Guitarnuts using a set of GFS pickups (Front PUP is RW/RP).


It sounds great and seemed to work fine, with one tiny exception. My selector switch seems to be out of synch with the description. On the site it says the switch should work as follows. Position 1 - Neck, Pos 2 - Neck & Bridge out of phase, Pos 3 - N & B in parallel, Pos 4 N & B in series, Pos 5 - Bridge. On my guitar positions 1 & 5 are as expected, but my position 2 is N & B in parallel, position 3 is N & B in series and position 4 N & B out of phase. I don't think it affects the sound, at least I hope not, but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why this is, is it because the front PUP I have is RW/RP?

The 2nd part of my question is related to the first, I bought a Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue bridge pickup to try in the guitar and have had problems getting it to sound well with the GFS neck pickup, as far as I can see this is down to the way polarity and winding directions of the pickups. So I decided to buy a Seymour Duncan neck PUP to try with the JD bridge, will buying a RW/RP pickup (or not) affect the T-riffic mod?

Thanks for your time, and i hope that made sense!

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