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Stolen Guitar

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I feel for ya pal, same thing happened to me a few years back. Need some more info to help you out tho. Stolen from where? (ie. house, hotel room, car?) and what city? and what were the circumstances, time of day, date etc.? Was it in a case? any identifiable features, aside from just serial number, color, noticeable dings, dents, modifications?

In my situation it was my first build, very unusual all mahogany guitar that I built myself. Stolen from my truck on Xmas day. I went right to a local pawnshop and gave a description and pertinant contact info. I called the cops and they set up a case file, naturally, not much became of that. And most important, my name was stamped on the wood inside the control panel. When I got home I posted everything here.

A few months later, after my guitar changed hands a few times it finally wound up with an honest person. He was checking out the wiring and saw my name, made an internet search and found my entry into the stolen guitars database. I reimbursed him for what he paid ($200, a bit of an insult :D ) and got my guitar back home. I admit it was a longshot, but every little bit helps. If the guy never owned a computer, or didn't know anything about electronics, or if I was remiss in QUICKLY spreading the word around, I would never have gotten it back. So act fast and be vigilant. If you live in a local area, keep your eyes peeled in the want ads for guitars for sale, check the pawn shops do whatever it takes. Good luck.

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Yea thats why my custom im getting made, is gonna have my name on the back of the headstock.. Hehe that way if it gets stolen, People will know..

Its gonna be really original anyways, so one of a kind, along with my name and such.. Should be better off incase it gets stolen.. but im scared because theres been about 5-6 guitars stolen in my city in the past 2 months.. and my dads CD player in his car just got stolen like 3 weeks ago.. horrible people

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no back plate over tremolo. extra holes underneath pickguard. ding in the bottom back and burn mark on the neck close to the body. serial number MZ3170380. stolen in dresher pa.

enough extra info? the extra holes from underneath the pickguard are from when i changed the pickguard to a tortise shell one and then back to the original.

email me at jimhndrx3@comcast.net if you got any idea of where i can look or have seen it or anything would really be great. and i put a message up on the global guitar registry like southpa suggested.

my sister threw a party when my family and i were away on vaction and the guitar was stolen.

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yea that wnt work. shady type party. she claims she doesnt know where it went. wnt give any names of people at the party. somer of her friends guitars and pedals and all went missing to so it seems specialized and most likely for some1 who wants it. its a real shady thing and who knows if ill ever get it back. thankfully my amp was at the repair store.

and yes of course we called the police. numerous other thigns went missing. they have the serial number and are on the look out for it. thanks for the help so far and any more that you can give.

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your in pensy correct?

fax your info to every pawn shop you can find and all local stores like 8th st music

when i was in florida i had a buddy that owned a pawn shop

and he would get faxes from people with their info

and i was there one time when someone got busted selling some power tools

most of these owners keep in touch and will call the po po if something hot comes in

ill keep an eye out on my side of the river. as im always shopping and i hit every store

at least ounce a month

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The pawn broker I went to, after my guitar was stolen, told me he WOULD NOT call the police. Why? various reasons. First, they don't want any trouble in their store. They will not try to detain the "thief" or person who is trying to get money for your guitar. What they will do is offer the lowest possible amount for the guitar and if the guy bites then they will pay out that amount and let him walk. They will then call YOU and you have to reimburse the pawn broker what HE paid to get your guitar back. They won't call the police because the police will seize the guitar as evidence and the broker is out the amount he paid. Of course, the broker will take down a description of the guy and everyone who pawns something has to show ID etc. So if the guy doesn't bite then at the least the broker "should" call the cops and give them the info. Its a shady business no matter how you slice it. :D

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