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Crowing File


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Stew mac has two basic kinds of fret crowning files. Diamond and "traditional". I'm tempted to just go with the regular file. Will I regret not getting the diamond file?

Also, any suggestions on the best place to buy?


anything diamond will last longer. if you plan on doing stainless frets, diamond is a must, they will chew up normal fret files quick. not a whole lot of choices on this, i use stewmac since they are in ohio and i get my stuff overnight.


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I bought the diamond file from stew Mac.

I first used a friends diamond file and that is what sold me.

the file worked fast and smooth with out any trouble

they $$ more but worth every penny.

I would say if you can get the diamond get it you will be a happy guitar player.

before I started doing my own fret jobs I spent more to have some one else do it for me.

that being said over the years I will be better off.

hope that helps :D:DB)

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