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Types Of Bass Pickups


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I've been playing guitar for three years or so, and have recently started craving a bass. I've never played bass, but I like the way they sound, and have been doing a lot of thinking about buying or building one. But I know nothing about bass pickups. What are the different types and what styles of music are each best for? I've searched a lot, but haven't found much info. Stores seem to sell J pickups, P pickups, and humbuckers, but they don't say what they sound like. Sorry if this is a dumb question, any help would be appreciated. :D

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Hey, thanks for all the quick replies. I know it is somewhat subjective. But for example, heavy metal guitars usually use humbuckers, don't bass pickups favor any particular styles? I'm interested in learning slap bass if that matters at all. But basically I could use any type of pickups for my bass, it's just preference? Thanks. :D

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You should check out what youre favorit bass players use..you may not sound (you should not :D like em anyway, but that would be the best reference point i think.

There is no right or wrong ..Steve Harris use a p-bass with flatwound strings..! Does that sound like the bass to choose for the "biggest" metal bass player in the world?

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