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Schaller Locking Tuners, alternative.


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The neck that I'm working on now is complete with the exception of installing the tuners. It's drilled already for Schaller locking tuners but I'm looking for an alternative for a few reasons, I don't care for the brushed finish on the ones I've found, I really don't need locking tuners, and I'd like to buy something cheaper.

So... I'd like to put a tuner that uses the same 10mm holes and have the same foot print of the Schallers.

I'm looking for something like this, but 6 in-line not 3 and 3.


Any suggestions?

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"Also Spake Zarathustra" by Johan Strauss.

Better known as the theme from 2001 - A Space Oddyssey.

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wow...i am amazed that someone other than a music major (myself) or the child of two music teachers (myself) would actually know the real title of that song. you are now my god.


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