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Holes In Neck Cavity

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There are extra holes that are to align the neck in different machines- CNC and other. Many fender basses have an extra hole on the backside of the headstock for this purpose as well- That bass hole is under a tuning machine, and has a wooden plug in it.

There are some artist models that have extra holes because some repair guy somwhere drilled that hole in the origional artists guitar, and fender does it as part of the re-creation ala SRV --- whaddya mean that SRV costs more? shouldnt it be less? hell, it's a scratch and dent!

--------ooops---- edit---------------

just reread the post- and it was regarding extra holes in the neck pocket---- not the neck itself.......

Those are to screw the metal handle onto the neck pocket to hold the guitar while it's being painted. There is also the "micro tilt" models with the extra hole that goes all the way through the pocket.

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You will find some manufacturers drill extra holes for mounting parts into jigs. Original Hagstrom guitars have a little plastic plug on the back of the body, low down on the centerline. The plug covers a hole used for holding the guitar in a hand routing jig while cutting pickup cavities.

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