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Need Ideas: Reverse Mounting My Circuit


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I am installing a sustainer circuit into my brand new warmoth body. It has no holes in the front except pickup, driver, and bridge.

I only need to turn the sustainer on and off when I play, not constantly.

What I want to do is mount it reverse, so that the switches face the backside, so the front of the body stays untouched.

Right now my idea is to use two side-by-side battery boxes (the kinds with the opening door, not the cartridge) so you can open the door and access the switch which stays inside the body.

The only problem I have is the circuit is held to the guitar by the knobs, which won't be attached if I reverse it.

Does anyone have ideas of how I could do this, or a better battery box replacement to use?


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Um, if you're going to be turning it on and off while playing, isn't it going to be a little more difficult to hit the power and octave switches if they're behind a little door on the back of the guitar?

However, since you've played over 5000 guitars, I'm sure you have a better idea of what works best for you than I do.

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