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How High Can You Raise A Tom Bridge?

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I messed up my neck angle, it appears. My last guitar, I had it set up so with the TOM lowered all the way to the body of the guitar, the strings just touch the frets. This one I'm working on, it looks like I'll need to raise the TOM just under a 1/4" above the body of the guitar to get the action I want.

I checked it with the studs, and it definetly looks like I'll have the threads flush with the bottom of the studs when raised that high. I was playing an LP at the guitar shop the other day, and the bridge was raised relatively high compared to what I'm used to; but I'm just uncertain, if I have the bridge raised this high, is this going to be a problem? Will the studs flex, will the bridge rock? I suppose I could switch to a set of thicker studs that I have, or mount the bridge on another piece of wood like some hollowbodys are.

Just for reference, I'm using a jaguar trem, and the schaller roller bridge. The measurements for the bridge are here:


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I'm trying to figure this out in my head. I've installed 2 Schaller roller bridges on 2 builds so far and haven't had any issues aside from having to sink one bridge. And that was on a guitar that had a 3 degree neck angle. What neck angle did you make on this guitar? If its 3 degrees or less then it might not be the problem. Fretboard thickness and its initial height above the body could be the real issue if your neck angle is right.

I guess longer bridge adjustment screws would be the answer, or at the least, the easy fix, if you can find them.

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