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Pre-catalyzed Cellulose?


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I was looking online and found something talking about guitars finished with pre-catalyzed cellulose its supposed to have the pro's of nitro and non of the cons. Has anyone ever used or heard of anyone who has used this? Sorry to have two post on here but they are about different things


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There ain't no such thing as 'all the pros of nitro and none of the cons'. The perfect finish does not exist. ALL finishes have problems, weaknesses, strengths, foibles, application issues, etc. Pick the one who's idiosynchrasies you can live with, and move on.

I've heard of precatalyzed finishes, both 'no! stay away! EVIL!' and 'BEST THING EVER' kind of stories, so...y'know.

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You need a spray rig to shoot it, you need a professional pedestal buffer to polish it out, and it's very dangerous to use, as in lethal, if you don't protect yourself properly.

I have some around I use occasionally, 'Coco' (one of my GOTM winners) was done partially in catalyzed lacquer.

Any more questions? :D

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