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Painting On A Pup Cover

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Would a wooden pickup cover that's not very thick (think veneer glued to tops and sides of pickup affect my signal alot? if not would it be possible to paint it with paint? or if I had a standard nickel pickup cover, if I could scuff sand the finish on it so the paint would adhere, and just paint that? Namely because, I love the look of EVH guitars with just one pickup in the bridge, 1 volume knob and a floyd rose, but I need a neck pickup. Bottom line. I know some people would say "Oh well, you can make it sound like a neck pickup if you play a certain way" or whatever. I just need to know, is this possible? :D

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Covers made out of non-ferrous materials will in no noticeable way affect the performance of the pickup. The only performance reducing aspect of a thick cover will be the distance away from the strings necessary to clear the cover, but it's a neck pickup so that shouldn't be a problem.

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Crafty is very correct .it has to have some small effect. but could you here it? i doubt it

it would be a very small frequency range that was effected

and at the very worst it would help sustain due to less magnetic feild

think about it this way

unsolder and remove the cover from a P.A.F it will make a differance..yes

but is it a good one

it would lose that certain sound that every 59 lespaul owner loves

and the "dummy slugs" most likely wont even contact the cover at all

but a thin veneer won't act like the "Sheild" that a metal cover does

it may lose some top end but i cant here it from my house

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I painted the pickups for my 4-string fretless. Adheres great, have no had any problems, yet. If you're spraying it on metal, scuff the chrome finish off and use a metal specific paint. I think Krylon makes a spray can paint that works very well with metal.



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