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Has Anyone Tried Those Truss Rods?

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I'm looking at some ebay truss rods, the seller is "reduction musical instrucment shop" based in Hong Kong.

The rods are cheap, the seller tries to screw the buyer by charging $40 for shipping but that's still cheap for me for 6 rods.

Has anyone tried those rods? Are they half-way decent?

I have not tried those rods. I have been getting my truss rods from Allied (two way). They sell them for $7.50 each if you buy 12 or more. The quality has been very good. They are very compact also (nice for thin neck apps.). The rods on that auction are darn cheap @ $50 per. 6 shipped.


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Yea, with 400 bucks shipping.

I actually just recieved 5 DPDT On On On switches from a seller in Hong Kong for about 10 bucks total. Something like a switch cant be but so bad right? After all they are made there.

They are fine, and would have cost about 12 bucks each. Shipping took about two weeks, but i was in no hurry. Make sure they dont have private feedback.

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Maybe you can get them to throw in one of those $1.99 Les Pauls as well....."rare electric guitar appliance tool" !!! :D

...on second thought, maybe not.

FWIW, I also like the Allied truss rods.

Dont forget they are also "fairly magical and exquisite"

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Those are rods that you can get from any of the overseas mfg's (usually in Asia somewhere) for about a buck a piece, if that. I imagine that they are the same rods you would find in that extremely rare $1.99 LP. I will have to agree with Rich, the Allied rods are great. I wouldnt skimp on somthing integral to a guitar that can't be replaced (at least marginally easily) down the road.

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