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Wondering If Anyone Would Be Willing To Help Out

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Hey there...

Recently I decided after my less than satisfactory paint job on my guitar that I wanted it to get it refinished by someone who could give it professional look. I was going to send it to maaco after they told me three times that they would do the job for me... sanded it down..etc. Then they changed their minds.. so now i'm stuck with a totally unusable guitar, and no one in my area will do it (I called all the body shops in the area as well as 5 other maacos... who all said no). I'm trying not to spend an obscene amount of money to get this repainted (maaco said they'd do it for under 100... so much for that)... a local person said they'd do it for 300 but thats way too much for my budget.

Would anyone on this forum be willing to paint my guitar arctic white (the fender color) and clear coat it for around 150 or less.. or around that amount? I'm willing to spend a little more... but I really cannot blow what little is left of my budget. I just want a good job done, it doesnt have to be absolutely flawless.

Thank you so much in advance.

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