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Belt Sander To Reduse Back,top And Sides

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I assume you're talking about one of those hand-held jobs.

It is very difficult to do this, because you have no way of keeping the surface parallel to the back of the piece. If you had a way of measuring the thickness everywhere (including and especially at the center), then you could probably do a passable job. But I'm pretty sure you'd end up with small undulations or "waves" that would reveal themselves when you started buffing the finish.

I'd try to befriend someone with a thickness planer and/or sander. A cabinet maker perhaps.

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No. It is not a good thing to try. Remember your going to be dealing with thousandths of an inch (eveything is thin.). Also the back/ top/ and sides are thicknessed flat. Radius is developed from curved bracing and sanding a radius inro the kerfing and rim. A hand plane can get the job done, but make sure it is well tuned. Finish sanding and minor changes to thickness can be done by hand and with a RA sander. If you order your back and top joined and thicknessed (sides thicknessed also) you will beable to do a bit of small adjusting with a long block (again small adjustments). A belt sander is just too agressive and hard to maintain uniform control.


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