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5 Way Problems


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Hi guys, aint been on here in a while but anyways:

I replaced the stock 5 way on an Ibanez 1527 and the stock pups with dimarzios (4 conductor) PAF7 and TONE ZONE 7.

Wiring the new switch in (its a single pole 5 way switch) I have had terrible trouble, following the Ibanez wiring diagrams for the 1527 and many other models I get a dead position 2, and the rest are mucked up.

Am I being a cretin or has something gone badly wrong? I followed the diagrams fine, but I have had zero luck. I bodged some wiring together and I got this:

Position 1 is fine a little bit noisy but ok

Position 2 and 3 are really noisy

Position 4 is quiet, similar to position 1 in terms of noise

Position 5 is noisy just like position 2/3

Im totally out of all ideas, and to be quite frank, im pissed off. I just want the standard Ibanez switching, can anyone show me or help me how to do this with my switch?

Thanks in advance,


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Did you check the wiring colours?

Are Di marzio wire colour codings the same as Ibanez? Sounds to me like they are not properly hum cancelling. Trouble is, i don't know the Ibanez colour codes.

Seymour Duncans Black-White-Green-Red corresponds to

Dimarzio's Red-Black-Green-White.

SD's green goesd to ground, as does DiMarzio's but the coil-tap wires on SD are white-red, whereas DiMarzio's will be black and white.

The Ibanez bridge pup is only 3-wire and the 5-way switch feeds from the ibanez green and red wires for the hot.

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i had the same problem dropping a dimarzio "Double Whammy" in my rg

pos#2 was also dead on mine

so i put back the original pickup and put the dimarzio in my rich

it must be a color coding problem as i used the almost the same diagram as above

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The colour code could be the problem, but I did try alot of combinations. Ill go on a hunt to see how they correspond. Anyone have any clues as to how Ibanez pickups are coded?



So far I know that on the Ibanez bridge pickup model bare is ground, white is the coil tap and red is ground, this might help.

I found a cool site with a good few listed, but I dont see the Ibanez 4 wire pickups... Are these DiMarzio or Seymore Clones??




To add more the switch poles described like:

1 2 3 0 | 0 1 2 3

The middle pole was "sleeper" joined by a bit of pole piece, I removed this.

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I just want the standard Ibanez switching, can anyone show me or help me how to do this with my switch?

unfortunately, the Ibanez two-humbucker switching scheme on the 1527 is not possible with a standard strat 5-way switch. that Ibanez switch looks the same, but it's not. it has internal connections that are unique for that two-humbucker switching scheme. your pickup wire colors may also be mixed up, but the switch is the real problem.

so you either need the original switch or another switch designed for two humbuckers. the Schaller Megaswitch Model P from Stew Mac has 4 of the same positions as the Ibanez two-humbucker switch--only the middle position is different.

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I think the ibanez switching can be done on a 2 pole switch, am I correct?

no, it has to be that exact special Ibanez switch or another 5-way designed specifically for two humbuckers.

standard strat switches all have two sets of poles, but they are designed to give the classic bridge, b+m, middle, m+n, neck pickup combinations. they won't give anything close to that Ibanez switching scheme.

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scott, thankyou for the replies! This has helped alot, I will put the original selector in, give it a good cleaning to try get rid of the slight scratchyness. contact cleaner time!


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