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Making A Evh Ebmm Axis?

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Im new here and I'm really gearing up to build a guitar. I'm a senior in highschool and it will be my final project for art. I was planning on building a EBMM EVH axis with Birdseye Maple for the neck and fret Board a Basswood or Mahogony Body and A quilted maple top. I do not know the specs of the guitar and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was planning on designing it on a computer and running it on a CnC machine. If anyone has some advice or where to start (even how or where to get the wood for a reasonable price) please let me know. Thanks


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You can get mahogany for a good price from mammoth guitars, I think you can get quilted maple from them too but I'm not sure, they are a member of this forum. I think you should just have warmoth make the neck, that way it would be made just how you want it, made with what you want and done professionally, bodies are easy, necks take practice, precision. Plus you could even get the EVH neck contour :D

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first, Id start by reading www.projectguitar.com

read all the tutorials, to kind of give you a scope. then check out the 22 page strat build here in the forums..

then get the melvyn hiscock book for a good guide and reference(even though the grammar and spelling errors are amazing for a published book)

depending on where you are you may be able to find high quality wood localy, saving you tons on shipping costs..

look up lumber yards in your phone book, ask: " do you carry exotic woods, like quilted maple?" if yes, go there if no " anyone here in town you'd recomend?" Thats how I found mine, I actually found 3, but the other two got the wood from the same one.. so I cut out the middle man.

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