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Ibanez Wiring Help


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I got this ibanez from a friend, and the pickups were torn out ,all wiring ripped, does anyone know how to wire it for only 1 humbucker and 1 volume? (no switches or tone)





As you can see from the pics. the humbucker has 4 cables (1 white, 2 black soldered together, 1 white)

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What kind of pickup is that? I don't think it's an Ibanez, as they use 3 wire humbuckers, as you can tell by the red plastic covered set of wires that's still attached to the pots in your pictures. Furthermore, I don't know anyone that uses only white and black wires on a four wire pickup. It does't mean that someone doesn't, but usually on a four whire pickup you have four seperate colors. Ibanez uses red and white for both positive sides of the coils, and black or bare wire for ground.

As for just one humbucker and a volume pot, that's easy. Here you go. (courtesy of guitarelectronics.com).


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Thanks for the reply, I have that diagram too.

Im having trouble wiring the red plastic set of wires to the pick up, I had previously wired the red cable to the white one, white one to the white one, and the bare to the black, but all I got was static when I plugged it in.

The pickups came with the guitar, so they are cheapo Ibanez's.

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based on the photo's it is an ibanez pickup

on the pickup it self there shoud be two white and two black wires

the whites are starts. black's are finish "i have the same pickups"

from an rg. tie the two blacks together then one white to hot the other

to ground. thats the "standard" series / out of phase conection

if you need more info PM me and ill take some picks and draw a schematic

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