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3d And Flat Finish?


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So I recently got a 5 1/4" x1" x 36" piece of highly flamed maple for a neck:


I stoped by my local mega store to take some pics and get finish Ideas.. I picked up a OLG and the finish on it was GREAT! it had a VERY 3D look to the flame(this pic sucks, had to see it in person to get the "full effect") but heres two one / two

I thought it was pretty impressive, but then I saw another guitar with the same type of wood:HERE

now I imagine both had the color filled in with a stain, and sanded back like in the tutorials, but what gives the OLP that real effect? tons of laq?

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If that OLP is actually maple, and not photoflame (does the grain shift when you move the guitar?) that's a 'classic' double-stained look. Apply dark colour (dark brown, maybe black), sand back leaving it in the deepest parts of the grain, stain red, then lacquer.

yeah the OLP shifts.. you can see the grain in the super close pics..

so how was the Ibanez fisihed then? I assume a simmilar method, but it didnt come out the same.

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I can see the grain, yeah, but I can't see if the grain changes and moves (chatoyance does it) when you move the wood or your head; light bits go dark, vice-versa. The joys of visible runout and all that.

And I have no clue how the Ibanez was finished (or what Ibanez we're even talking about), whether it was tinted lacquer, whether it was even real maple, what. Best way to figure out which finishing methods works best for you (some folks like direct staining, others prefer no staining and tinted clears for a different kind of effect) is to try it out on scrap.

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