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How To Finish This Cherry Wood


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I found this really nice piece of cherry wood for about $15cnd while I was browsing at my local wood store. I already jointed it and planed it smooth. I traced the body contour, hard to see though... I used mineral spirit to show the patterns.

I'm new to cherry wood and don't really know how to properly finish it. Can it be stained with coloured dyes or simply clear coat it? I want to emphasize the beautiful figures in the wood...

Yes, I will test on scrap pieces before doing anything but I want to know if there's a standard finish for such a figured cherry wood.

Any ideas? Examples are welcome.

Araz :D


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I would use linseed oil. Thats what I use mostly on cherry furniture I build. It brings out figure very well.

I would strongly reccomend against linseed, tung or any other 'straight', pure oil. It doesn't offer enough protection, takes forever to dry, and is generally not a great instrument finish. Tru-Oil or similar (blended polymerized oil) would be a great choice, straight oil, never.

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