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Pickup Core Dimensions And Their Effect On The Sound


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I'm making a pickup bobbin, and I'm wondering how fat to make the core.

Its a blade single coil/ P90/ Jazzmaster thing and I have 2mm thick steel with which to make the core.

Basically what would be the difference in sound between a 2mm core, a 4mm core or a 6mm core (and would it even be audible)?


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Sorry to be so impatient, but today is the only chance I'll have to do some pickup winding before next friday :D

If someone could just give a very basic explaination (eg. Fatter core = thinner/fatter sound) then I'd be very grateful :D

Ive tried searching the web and the forum with no luck

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Neodynium is going to be the next big thing, it's one of the lanthanide rare earth metals, they say over ten times the magnetic flux of conventional ferrous material. It's going to be costly, but you'll need only a tiny amount, you could make a pickup the thickness of a credit card. Trouble is, for those big powerful overwound thrash metal uber-overdrive humbucker beasts you want big fat studs and chains, rivets and cast-offs from an episode of scrapheap challenge, you don't want to go fit your BC Rich-alike with the pickup equivalent of a discrete sanitary towel for young ladies, do you?

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