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Tilted Head Question


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i know this has been answered before.....

if you cut the headstock clean off at the nut, you cant just glue it back on. it would be too weak. but alot of the glues say they dry stronger than wood, so i am confoosed. :D so would it work under any circumstances or anything with really strong glue?

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Glue itself isn't all that strong; unless we're talking Epoxy, you want a minimal amount of glue in the joint, NOT a huge amount, because it has good ADhesive strength (sticking things together), but poor COhesive strength (sticking to itself). The issue is twofold: first of all, it's gluing endgrain to endgrain, which doesn't leave you with the best of bonds. Endgrain sucks up glue like nobody's business. Secondly, you've got a short glue line that's not in the best position (ie, trying to be pulled open).

Glue ain't magic. Some of it comes close, but even then, you want to trust solid woodwork more than purely the awesome powers of glue.

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