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Electronics And Tone


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This is my first post so hi everyone and great forum


I've searched around and can't find the answer so can anyone tell me how electronics (apart from obviously pups) affect tone. Since i don't have the time to build everything myself i'm buying a used body and a mighty mite neck and fitting all the electronics myself. Any help or advise is welcom/


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there are all kinds of things that can be done to change the tone.

how things are hooked up even the volume pot you use can play a part.

the wood body and neck play a part.

the finger board [maple or rose wood] both has a different sound.

there is a lot more then just the pickups or electronics wiring that make up good tone.

what kind of guitar are you trying to make and what is the sound your looking to get from this project. is the neck have a maple or rose wood finger board

will this be a hard tail body string through bridge

the more info you have the better reply you might get.

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The body is mahogany with a maple top and the neck is hard ample with rosewood fretboard. Its an LP style.

Im looking for a deep rocky tone although intend to have one of the pickups lighter to add versatility.

I've got my own ideas about the pups though im open to suggestions.

I also wanted somebodies opinion on the jimmy page style wiring although don't know anything about it so i don't know whether i would be able to complete it myself.

Hope that helps you answer if not please ask anymore questions! :D

ps. im not sure whether i want active or passive as im not sure of the different tones they produce. Sorry.

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The Jimmy Page style wiring can be found in 3 or 4 versions, each a step more complex than the original '59 mod.

Basically it replaces the vol pots and tone pots with push-pull pots. In the later mod the volume push-pull pots split the coils to which they are attached.

The tone pots give additional options for neck in series or parallel with bridge and also reverse phase option. Each setting will give a subtly different toanl range and quality, though some may say it's now starting to border on ****.

All the wirings are readily done at home if you've ever soldered wires or replaced a vol or tone pot, it will be no problem to you.

If you want the schematics you can find them on guitarnuts.com or guitarelectronics.com or the seymour duncan website.

I personally think in the heat of a live session its too difficult to remember which of the 4 pots need to be pushed or pulled to get the desired sound. There is such a thing as too many options! That's why the Telecaster is such a great guitar to play live.

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