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Easy Scarf Joint Glueup


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Cool, but I put the joint on top, not underneath. Any tips for that? I've been doing the cut staple thing which works "ok", but in softer woods I still have some slippage, and there's always the risk of hitting the staple with a bladed tool....

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Exactly the same deal - it doesn't matter which way up the scarf is, the technique works the same.

Are there any benefits of either way of scarf jointing when it comes to inherent strength?

I would hazard a guess that they are equally strong either way, but just in case I thought I'd pose the question. :D

Great info again , Setch.

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I only scarf under (ie: in the headstock, not the neck shaft).

Some folks seem to think the shaft joint has greater gluing area, and is reinforced by the fretboard, so it's stronger. However, you carve away a large portion of the glue joint when you carve the neck, and route out some for the trussrod channel, so I doubt there's signficantly more area. As for reinforcement, I glue ears on my headstock, and attach a headplate and back strap, so by that point I'm pretty convinced the reinforcement arguement is moot.

Which leaves aesthetics: I like the fact my way is hidden completely, so IMO it wins out. That said, I've seen some nice treatements of neck shaft scarfs, utilising contrasting veneers etc, so that's not really set in stone.

In short, they're pretty much exactly as strong as each other.

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