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Swamp Ash V. Alder.....?

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alder is the simpleist wood to work with without extrordinary headaches; no crazy grain, soft spots or anything, good weight and as far as sound i cant even say, its like it adds nothing but takes nothing away; its like a blank canvas for your pickups;

swamp ash is super light, but the grain makes handwork very hard , the sound of the finished product is definatly worth the extra effort;i much prefer this wood for basses , you can feel the notes resonating all thru it.

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also your finish should be adressed.

alder doesnt really have a grain, or at least one thats good to look at.

while swamp ash has a pretty cool grain.

so if you want to go transparent or solid you better think in advance.

second, SA is harder to find, I found a place in cali that has it cheapest, but It has to be shipped.

I dont see why a regular wood supply place wouldnt have alder, or regualr ash.

I cant comment on tone because I havent gotten that far yet.

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