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How Long "thru-body" Neck?


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I am builing a soilid body with a multi-laminated maple-walnut neck.

The mode of attachment is having the body routed to take the neck into the cavity like here:


(scroll down a bit to see how he attached neck)

The body is mahogany. If I go all the way with the neck to the end of the body, the bridge mounts will be on the joint of the maple neck and mahogany body. If I don't go all the way, the mounts will be entirely on the mahogany.

Would mounting bridge studs on a joint be a problem? Should I just route the neck slot short of the bridge and mount the studs entirely on the body, free of a glue joint?

Thanks for the help,


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I thought maybe my description wasn't specific enough, or good for that matter.

I want to route about a 1" deep channel to accomodate the neck onto the body.

The width of the route will simply be a continuation of the fingerboard angle toward the bridge.

The neckstock continues about 12" past the fingerboard.

I will glue that "extra" into the channel and get the excess neckstock flush with the guitar topside.

My question was how much of the 12" neck to remove.

Keep it all the way to the body edge of just short of the bridge studs?

I guess when I said "thru" I should have specified thru to the edge of the body and not thru as in all the way through the thickness of it.


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Hi MP63 I'm glad to see some one is looking at jeff millers building style.

you can do it any witch way you want.

looking at jeffs guitar it seems his neck tenon went under the bridge.

mounting bridge studs on top of the neck tenon will be just fine.

thinking about it the top wood is what you will be mounting the bridge into so what ever is under the top will not be touched.

if you like jeff's guitar build you should check out his c.d.

I don't understand why he is not sighned with anyone.

I'm starting a guitar with this kind of long neck tenon

I'm making my neck tenon go in my body long enough to be under both pickups.

the tenon will be just sort of the bridge. :D:D

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I built a couple guitars with long neck tenons, and a top covering the whole mess. I don't know for certain, (I didn't drill the holes until the top was mounted, so I can't *see* the tenon anymore) but rough measurements after the fact, it appears that my bridge studs do just what you mention here, go through the join of the two pieces. I've had no problems so far.

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