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Amp Speaker Question


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Alright guys, I am using a Pod XT into a PA, No amp head here, and my best bet is PA speakers..

I have my own cab built, but i need speakers, and im not a fan of v30s and normal guitar speakers because A) it colours the sound and :D too low wattage

my PA is 500watts, so im hoping to get 4 speakers at least 150w each, just so they wont blow

We will disregard ohm, since I have that all understood and know what I need to fry it

but im wondering, Car speakers... are they good enough for replacement PA speakers? like the cheap ones on ebay that are like $50 a pair, but 250watts, would those work good for my PA system?


Those are basically the type that im talking about, or something like this


Anyone have any advice?

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Depends on how you want it to sound.

If you're going to be playing full range music through this system, then you will really need a full range speaker system to reproduce it decently. Woofers, midrange, tweeters and the appropriate crossovers.

Designing these systems ain't easy. It would be better, easier and probably cheaper in the long run just to purchase a well designed PA sound reinforcement speaker system.

If you're planning to use a single speaker, then the first speaker link would be better than the second - as the second speaker has a reduced frequency range... only up to 250 hz.

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