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Adding Cavities W/out A Refinish?

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I've got this guitar I recently purchased, and plan on using it as my electronics 'guinea pig'. The only problem is, even with the swimming pool rout the thing has, I really have no room to put some of the stuff I'd like to put in it (DIY sustainer, some extra controls), so i need to rout a new cavity in the back of the instrument.

The conflict is: I don't want to have to refinish the whole guitar for one cavity. How would I go about routing a cavity without chipping massive amounts of finish off of the guitar? I'm honestly not all that worried about scratches and such, as this is my beater guitar, but I'd rather not have big chips of paint missing around the new rout.

Any ideas?

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If you have to drill something and need to be very careful about chipping, then heat the area up with a hairdryer (carefully of course, nothing too extreme) before you drill. The heat makes the finish soften up a little bit so it's not so prone to chipping. You can also put a piece of tape over the area beforehand, but you need to be careful of using the hairdryer AND tape, as you can leave some sticky tape residue behind sometimes.

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