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Ibanez Destroyer


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I've taken apart and soldered back together a couple of guitars but the wiring is different on this one. The wires that go from the pickups to the volume and tone pot have 2 wires in each one. It's hard to explain. Say you have your wire coming from the pickup and u cut it and the rest is still soldered to the pot. Well, where I cut it, it has a cord inside a cord. It's basically a cord with another cord inside it. I don't know how to solder those two pieces back together. Some help please. I would post pics but they would be too big.

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I looked for pics of a shielded cable on webcrawler and I think that's what it is. How would I solder it? Do I need to keep the wires seperate, or strip them both?

The outside shield should be braided. Strip enough (about an inch) of the outside rubber insulation so you can unravel it and twist the individual wires of the shield together moving it out of the way of the inner conductor. Then strip the insulation away from the inner conductor (about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch).

The inner conductor is the hot output - connect it to where you want it to go... meaning selector switch lug or volume control.

The outside shield is always grounded.

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