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So by shear dumb luck I won an ebay auction for 5 pieces of Cocobolo. Each is approx. 15"x7.5"x3/16". Here's my questions.

1. I've heard it's hard to work with, does anyone have any experience?

2. I've also heard it's toxic, how much protection do I need, are regular gloves and a dust mask good enough?

3. How do I go about sawing a bookmatch top and is 3/16" enough to do it?

4. Last would anyone be interested in the ones I don't use either for money or for trade for other building materials (mainly body and neck woods, maple, mahogahny, etc.)?

I was pretty stoked when I won, I love the look of it, just hope that it's not more trouble than it's worth. I got a pretty good deal on the pieces


Thanks in advance for all you're help.

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It works pretty well with sharp tools.

It is hard to glue because it's a very oily wood. Use Gorilla Glue

3/16" might be tough to bookmatch although it can be done with the right tools/resaw

Cocobolo is very toxic and I'd wear as much respiratory protection as possible. Also long sleves and gloves because the dust is an irritant to the skin in some people

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can you post some pics or email them to derekneil@accesswava.ca i might take one or 2 off yours hands, i would recomend having your shop vac on at all times a full respirator mask (not just the white dust ones) vacume your hair and skin when your all done then go take a shower

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Thanks for all the info, guys. Derek I'll send some pics once I get it. The pics from the auction itself aren't very good and I'm having trouble attaching them to mail messages. BTW where can I find the Gorilla Glue that Scott mentioned?


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