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I have a question. Now that I have decided to stick with min wax rattlecan poly. Whats the best way to apply it? hanging position or flat? im aiming for flat position because its easier to get it even without it dripping. So how would it work? Do i spray one side wait 20 mins then the other side then do the sides? if im doing it flat how much should I spray? Also is there a downfall to putting too many coats?

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If you plan to lay the body flat it might help to have this thing that I *think* is called a “Lazy Susanne”. Put some dowels or nails (head up please) on the spinning plate and lay the body there. This way you can do the front and the sides. Wait till the Poly has cured. I don’t know if 20 min is enough if doing it this way. Check the recommendations. Turn the thing over and shoot the back and the sides again. What, two coats on the sides? Yeas! The most likely place for a sand-through later on is on the sides and especially on the edges. It is good to have some extra finish for the first couple of guitars.

Me, I hang both bodies and necks.

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when i shoot a guitar i like the flat way. i install a 2" screw into the end where the strap button will go leaving about an inch and a half protruding. i then install a two foot 1"x2" board into the neck pocket. holding onto the stick and laying the screw end on a table in my shop i can rotate it and shoot top, bottom and sides by simply turning it with the board using the screw as the pivot point. everyone has their favorite ways to do things this one just works for me.

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The cheap and cheerful option is to use a coat hanger....

(excuse the rubbish images - took me 30 secs to draw!)



1. Take a wire coat hanger

2. Pull it downwards to make it long

3. Turn it over

4. Bend the end over to make a hook

You now have a simple hanging thing that you can hang on a washing line. that will hold a body while you spray it. Just put the hook end through a neck screw hole and use the bent end to hang on the washing line, Then away you go.

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