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Hey fellas.

I was about to get myself a Baritone Tele together. I wanted to go for warmoth and some fancy wood. Walnut body with a rosewood laminate, a paduak neck with a pau ferro board. I've already some custom made Pups for it, two P90s for neck n middle and a rathe standard Tele bridge pup. I'll install a BigD Varitone switch, a master Volume with a push/push knob to switch the middle pup on, and a TBX as master tone.

ok. The point is I'm going to move for the next 3 years every 3 months from my home place to another place. and therefore I wanted to get some recording stuff to have a musical task and finally bring my stuff to the record. That's why I'm on a budget and got those pups lying around pretty soon w/o a guitar to put it in.

My question is: except for the looks, will there be a MAJOR difference between that Tele and if I'd go to a store here in Germany and get a standard unfinished Tele body and do some of the pup routing and throw a maple/maple or maple/rw baritone neck at it(loving unfinished necks cos finished ones get kind of sticky with me, so maybe I'll have to roughen things up a bit with some steel wool as well), stain it darker and oil it.

No doubt it would be a real different look. the feel.... hm paduak is said to play real great...

But about the sound, all that wood stuff turned out to be not SOOO important like many tell you especially with the woods I mentioned with all go into a rather bright direction(a mahogani tele will sound different, fo shizzle!) and would it be worth the extra money and trouble with shipping and taxes and stuff?

Ok, the one from here won't have the comfort back contours or the easy access neck though...

What would you say?

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