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Question About Spin-a-split


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I am planning to wire a Seymour Duncan Sh-4 JB using this wiring diagram from seymourduncan.com


My question is if I can still put a tone knob in this mix. I was looking and I could not see any reason why I couldn't. Just have it running off the usual place, where the black wire connects? I just want to double check!



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I hate starting topics with simple quick questions, so I am just going to add on to this topic. I bought a mono jack, but it has 2 conductors and is a closed circuit, can I still hook this up? Instead of having two solder terminals it has three and that throws me for a loop.

One of the terminals will be connected to a break contact. ie when you put the plug in it will disconnect it from the other contact. The remaining contact will be the ground connection.


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So I can skip over the break contact?

Yes just solder to the ground terminal and the non-break terminal.

The easist way to check is : stick a plug in the jack and see which contact the tip connects to then measure with a multimeter set to ohms between that contact and the lugs to see which one it connects to (while the plug is still in and disconnecting the contact)


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