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I Bet These Would Win Guitar Of The Month


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he is definatly an artist; i wonder their playability;

and how likly breaking something off could happen, im sure their tough and laquered, but the maine of the lion is veneer done in a paper mache' type job;

beutiful none the less;

how does one enter gotm?

there is a thread in the announcments area, go there, post pics and a description, then the entrys are closed and a vote thread is opened..

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Can't say anything against the sheer dedication and woodcarving ability it would take to make those-- not to mention an insane planning stage.

But they're just awful! Then again, I absolutely love the Steinberger "broom"-style headless, so there's no accounting for taste.

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i wonder their playability

Just an idle opinion, but I doubt anything like this would ever be more than some dot.com millionaire's shelf-queen, and never played in a million years. They're definitely clever, the guy has amazing technical talents, but I have to agree with GregP that they're ugly as sin. Danny Ferrington he AIN'T!


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