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Hey all,

Anyone know where I can find resources/info about PRS Custom 24 dimensions? I figured that atleast a search on this forum, if not on Google, would turn up something worth while, but apparently I was mistaken.

I'm hoping to "copy" the body style for my project and I have some sketches done (go go Illustrator!). Since they're to scale, if I can even just get a width or length, I would be set!

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Body length 14.25"

Width at widest = 13"

Width (min) at waist = 7.75"

end to waist =11.5"

top horn sticks out 3.75" from neck join

Any other dims, let me know, I've just traced round my Cu24 to make a template.

These are awesome! Only other question I have: How much taller is the center of the top then the edge of the top? I found http://members.fortunecity.com/jtfish/lpc/shaping.htm for info on how to shape the ttop, it doesn't look too horribly difficult. I was thinking 1/2" difference is about what to expect...

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