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I've noticed that many suppliers web sites talk about gluing ears on the pegheads as if it were a common construction technique. I have never seen this on a manufactured guitar but maybe I haven't been looking close enough.

Any idea if it is commonly done by manufacturers?

I'm considering a peghead for a guitar that will require more than the standard 4" width. Since I'm going to use birdseye for the neck, I don't know if I'm going to be able to get away with gluing ears on the peghead (I think it will show too much). My other thought was to just use hard maple for the peghead and leave the neck as birdseye (angle back peghead). I don't know of that's going to look strange though? Has anyone here tried this before?

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I'm not sure if your aware of this but you could always try a scarf joint. It hides a little better than the "ears"

Thanks, I was aware of it. I've actually been using the same method as Warmoth's neck blanks (the ones with the angle back peghead). If I were to use the method you suggested, I guess I would need to either paint the peghead or use a veneer, right?

I guess my issue is that the ear will only be on the upper part making it visible from the side when playing. This is because I don't have a piece of birdseye wide enough. It wouldn't matter if I used the method shown above if you follow what I'm saying. The peghead would be similar (not the same) as a reverse hockey-stick if you know what I'm talking about.

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If you used the method I suggested, you wouldn't have to paint the headstock or use a piece of veneer since you could do the scarf joint like Jackson/Charvel guitars and put the joint way back towards the body starting around the 2nd fret. This way you could use a solid piece for the headstock and just make it wider than your neck material and sculpt it after it's glued. I would probably just glue the ears(or ear) and add an overlay/veneer to the top. I think it just depends on what you would rather "see".

I hope this made sense for you.....


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