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Line 6 Pod Xt, Pickups, And More! Cleaning Closet ;)

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I started cleaning out my closet to see what guitar parts I could get rid of and found this pickup and alot of other guitar parts which I will list here soon. I'm having trouble parting with some of my guitar goodies. Most of you know how that is. lol

I figured this pickup will go to a good home if I placed it up on Projectguitar.com

It was never used but I dont have the original box.

Here is the description on ZZounds.com:

This is the pickup that started it all. Many of the classic Rock guitar sounds of the 70's and 80's were produced by a Super Distortion¬ and a raging tube amp. But don't confuse classic with outdated. Diverse artists from Al DiMeola, Frank Gambale, and Vinnie Moore to Metal veterans Iron Maiden and Ace Frehley have chosen the Super Distortion as an integral part of their personal sound. With plenty of output and mid-boost to boot your amp into overdrive, Super Distortion humbuckers put out a hot, thick tone with a tight bottom-end: a classic tone when plugged directly into the front-end of any high-gain tube amplifier. Used in the bridge position of a locking-trem equipped guitar, the Super Distortion puts back low-end the tremolo can bleed off. The Super is primarily a bridge position pickup, although it can be used in the neck position with a relatively low-gain amp. Specifically designed for solid-bodies; hollow and semi-hollow guitars can be hard to control with warm, high output pickups.

Tech Talk

When DiMarzio first built the Super, it was a one-conductor pickup. As a 4-conductor pickup, it's extremely versatile. Coil splitting produces a very Strat-like option, both in tone and power. Parallel wiring is similar to splitting, but it's still humbucking and a little more hollow sounding; Paul Gilbert used to use 2 Supers wired in parallel when he was in Racer X.

Technical Info

Wiring: Standard 4-conductor

Magnet: Ceramic

Output: 425mV

DC Resistance: 13.68K

Year of introduction: 1972

$45 /Obo

Pod XT

Product Description

The Next Generation of POD

PODxt sets the new standard for guitar tone. PODxt features 32 groundbreaking amp models built from the award-winning technology found in Line 6's flagship Vetta amplifier, and includes modeled stompbox effects, full-time compression, A.I.R. II cabinet/microphone modeling, and direct USB digital in/out for direct digital computer recording.

As POD set the standard for platinum recordings, PODxt sets a new standard as the world's best direct recording device for guitar.


32 All New Amp Models based on award-winning Vetta technology

Incredibly easy to use with lots of knobs for instant tweaking

More than 35 Classic Models of Stomp box and studio effects

USB support for Digital Audio In/Out

A.I.R. II adds Mic Models and allows Mix 'n Match Amps and Cabs

64 Presets, Tap Tempo, and Full MIDI control

Easy to use — No obtuse features. This product design seeks to maximize ease of use while increasing capabilities. The focus is on immediacy of control.

Downloadable Model and Effects capabilities — expandable up to 64 Amp models and 32 effect models.

Classic Effects Models and great sounding Reverb always available, including full-time Compression.

Tap Tempo support for Modulation and Delay Effects with Note divisions

ToneTransfer with libraries that are existing at POD XT's FCS

"Digital Out" recording via USB into 3rd party applications

Compatibility with FBV and FBC

Built-in Chromatic Tuner

Mix 'n Match Amps 'n Cabs

Customizable Amp and Effect Models

Manual Mode for WYSIWYG operation

64 user preset locations

Full MIDI Implementation

Cabinet Modes for use with a wide variety of amplifier types.

Flash based memory allows for operating system upgrades



Noise Gate

Phase 90

ADA Flanger


Opto Tremolo model from the 1965 Fender deluxe Reverb

Bias Tremolo model from the 1960 Vox AC15

Deluxe Memory Man

EP-1 Tube Echoplex

Roland Re-101 Space Echo

Stereo Delay

Ping Pong Delay

Spring Reverb

Plate Reverb

Hall Reverb

Wah modeled after the Vox Wah

Volume (Pre- or Post-Amp routing options)

Advanced A.I.R. II with Microphone choices and placement options:

Shure SM-57

Shure SM-57 Off Axis


MD-421 Off Axis


U-67 Off axis

The Pod also has version 2 upgrade, which dramatically improves the overall sound with several new models, plus a ton of software and user interface enhancements. Check out the support page for more info!


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Firmware and software updates to the PODxt bringing it up to version 3.0 and giving it access to the Gearbox PC-recording graphical user interface make this an even sweeter deal. More amps, cabs, etc. available for free download. Also you can purchase add-on model packs.

Make sure registration information (if applicable) is transferred and you're golden with a decent deal on a great product.

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Man i would so get the PODxt if you were in the UK >_<

I can ship to the UK. I dont think It would cost too much. I just sent a computer out there for under $20

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Its also the mains convertor thing as well. Could i just buy a replacement power supply for the english mains or will i still need to use the convertor?

Im sure you can find a power supply for the english mains. Its a common 9vac with 2000mA. You can probably pick one up off ebay. You might be able to use a universal adapter too.

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