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Color Choices.


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im wanting to do a burst like so: Fireburst i saw the tutorial for sunbursting with aniline dyes, got the concept, now i need the products to do it. what colors do i need to do something similar? amber, orange, brown, dark brown? also what brand and supplyer do you guys reccomend?

also in the tutorial theres no step for sanding back just the burst. at what point would i do the sand back? after prep, but before sealer, or after prep and sealer. then would i have to seal it again then do the burst?

thanks a ton in advance.

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Taken from directly below those Leviathian pics on his website:

"The images here are simulated and for informational/inspirational purposes only. Actual woods and finishes may be even more unique and beautiful. Neons, pearls, transparent and iridescent colors may not appear exactly as shown due to monitor color variation and inablility to accurately represent certain colors".

That's not a real guitar, it's a computer generated image. :D

Also, you would need a spray rig to pull that -exact- look off, since it's generated on the precept of shader coats applied over a clearcoated quilted maple top.

You got a spray rig and some experience using it? Because that's what you'll need to achieve that finish.

And there is no stain/sandback going on in those pics, it's all in the shader coats applied over top of the clearcoated maple.

If you're looking to do a stain/sandback, it's going to give you a completely different look than that pic.

amber, orange, brown, dark brown

You could add yellow, red, and black also to round out the mix, I use Solar Lux for my shader colors, but you might want to use Stew-Mac Colortone dyes for what I think you're trying to do.

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i know thats a computer rendering, a good one too. i was just wanting to do something similar, the colors on that are awsome. if that tutorials not explaining what i want to do, what do i do? i have a spraygun setup, but, ive only painted one guitar. i did a great job(i think so anyways), no runs, even coats etc... could i just do what that tutorial ses but start with a sand back and then use different colors? this ones got me confuzzled.

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Well, I don't know what tutorial you're referring to, nor do I really feel like reading one B) , but I can tell you how to do a finish like that.

1. Clearcoat the guitar until you can sand it back dead smooth, like you were going to do a completely natural finish.

2. Apply first burst color (the reddish-cinnamon thing)

2. Apply second outer burst (dark, black, whatever you want)

3. Apply many more clear coats until done.

That's it. :D

Mixing the colors is totally up to you, they will be custom mixed until you get the colors you want and applied as shader coats over the first clearcoats you did.

Remember, that is a computer generated image, it's not REAL, so you're going to have to print up a big pic of it, then start custom-mixing colors together until you get close enough that you're happy with it, and that in itself can take several days of adusting amounts of different colors.

On top of that, it's (again) a computer generated image, so it's basically perfect, but it's not REAL.

It took me many years and shooting probably a hundred finishes to get to the point that I knew my guns and equipment and techniques (and there are several to know) well enough to do a burst that perfectly smooth, and even now, it's not exactly a walk in the park, it takes a lot of concentration and a fair bit of experience shooting bursts to get a finish that perfectly graded.

I will say this one more time, what you're looking at is a perfectly crafted computer generated image, and it is up to you to be good enough to custom mix your own colors to match that look. :D

I'm not trying to make it sound easy because it's not, it takes experience to pull a burst that looks that perfect off. If I had a difficulty level to grade that by, I'd say that was about a solid 8 out of 10, with 1 being your basic ReRanch rattlecan burst finish.

On top of that, you will need to be adept at picking out the right piece of Maple to even start off with, Maple comes in many different shades of colors from dead white to dark brown, and that is the very beginning of a finish, the wood itself, and it has got to be the correct shade to make everything else work on top of it.

You have to be able to look at that picture and REALLY see it for what it is.

Is there a slight coloring to the base Maple, or is it completely clear?

If there is a slight coloring, what color is it exactly, and how intense is the dye mixture?

What color IS that center color? Peach? Green? Clear? Peachy green? :D

What color IS that first burst? Reddish brown, or brownish red, or something else, maybe reddish amber with a touck of black?

HOW exactly does it fade? Early (far inside) or late (at the very edges)

You have to be able to pick it apart section by section, color component by color component, with your eyes and answer all the questions you raise successfully.

I'm not saying don't do it, everybody needs a goal to shoot for to egg them on to get better, but if you've only done one guitar with your gun, I don't think you'd be at a grade 8 level of shooting, but by all means, get to work and start somewhere, you can only get there by starting somewhere, just keep it within the realm of reality and if you have any questions, ask away.

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well i guess untill i get more acquainted wiht my spray equipment i wont give that exact finish a go. i think ill just practice that one on some scrap for a long time till i get it correct.

are there any easier ways to do a burst with those colors? it doesnt have to look the same just similar colors.

btw the tut i was looking at is: link

i think i maye beable to do that one, but is it harder than it looks? i dont want to ruin my top, back , and headstock.

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