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Refinishing A Neck For The First Time


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Help me out here guys, I got the polyurethane that someone here told me to get, i have my fretboard sanded down, i mean, it has only natural wood, no FINISHES on it... I should apply the polyurethane there??? I mean, i should start spraying and building up coats???, how many coats should i apply till its well sealed??? and also, how much time do i have to wait between coats??? THANKS, i need this help QUICKLY cause i got my neck sanded to the bare wood so it will get horrible if i leave it like that more time... !

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yngvay23 I have finished a coule of project and this is what I have done with good results.

firtst I have only use lacquer to finish with.

you should spay a sealer coat before the tint polyurethane / lacquer.

I would first try and mix some tint with poly to see if it will mix together a small amount in a clean glass jar should be cool.

add the tint to the polyurethane / lacquer until you get the color you want.

I mix my lacquer 1/2 lacquer to 1/2 lacquer thinner

I make sure I mix enough or a little more is always good.

the first couple of coats will dry vary fast to the touch 5-10 minutes.

as you spray more finish you should let dry longer between coats.

for drying time with lacquer I wait for a 3-4 of hours between coats.

I spray 2-3 good coat with color enough so everthing is covered then spray clear again a few coats untill it is building up a nice finish.

hang dry for a few days and you can wet sand it and clean off the frets.

wet sand and if needed spray more clear to get a nice finish.

if you spray out side and it is a nice 75-80 temp things should dry fast.

don't let it dry in the sun the finish could bake and then you have made more work for your self. spraying several thin coats is better then spraying thick coats that might run and dry slow. you don't need a lot of pressure to spray with

I use about 40 spi.

again these are things I have learned from my finishing project things may be different with your project. good luck to you. :D

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Thank you guys, i have just finished my restoring on the Neck, i wish i had a camera, for you to see it, i never thought itd look so cool after the finish, im happy that im starting to do my first things in luthiery and were satisfactory. ... . Thanks to all of you guys, when i have a camera i will post some pictures so you can see what it looks like with the finish :D i could remove most of the stains in the wood... Thanks again!!

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