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Im Stupid And I Need Help...


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basically Ive just glued in my Truss rod which is around 4mm and used a 10/32 tap on it for my fender style nut. (bl**dy American silly backward dimensions :D )

Anyway gave it a test and hey presto the nut keeps slipping threads under tension.... damn Im an idiot

what can I do without having to go through the messy process of tearing out the lacewood fillet I just glued in and putting in a different one?

theres about 12mm of unproperly tapped truss rod showing to play with.

thanks guys this has really annoyed me and I need a hand



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A little research on the Fender style nut (bullet) tells me that 3/16" rod size should be threaded. That converts to 4.7 mm so I guess your threads are too shallow on the 4 mm. rod, ouch! I see no option but to remove the truss rod and replace with proper 3/16" stock. Either way, you are stuck with shallow 10/32 threads and can't recut any threads with the rod inside the neck.

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