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Few Questions I Couldnt Find Answered. Lacquer & Design


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Hello I am currently getting ready to build a saga kit, I have a few questions and figured this would be the best place to ask :D

1- I bought a lacquer from home depot its rust-oleum( I am new to the whole nitro thing so I don't know if its nitro), my question is this on the back of the guitar & neck I plan on using a tinted re-ranch nitro lacquer. Should I return the rust-oleum and buy a nitro clear from re-ranch? or use it any way?

2- I plan on doing a design on the front of the guitar maybe in a corner that looks like the wood is peeled back and snow camo is underneath (w/ aerosol cans). Any tips on painting camo? I bought 3m painters tape I figured I would use that but seems it could pull up paint. any suggestions on possible other mayerials.

anyway thank you for your help and info i have got from this site thus far, it was much needed since its been a while since my last project :D

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If you're going to use ReRanch products, then yes, stick with their products all the way thru. This is called 'following the system', and will work to your benefit, as you won't be shooting yourself in the proverbial foot by using dissimilar products and possibly causing very bad things to happen which could set you back to the beginning. :D

The only suggestion I could make for the camo design is to practice a few times on some scrap first, you'll soon figure out what works for you and what doesn't, so when you approach the guitar, you'll have full confidence that whatever you decide to do will look great, you'll already know that beforehand, which is a great feeling to have.

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