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Suggestion For Improved Tone Control


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I've never been happy with the 'Top Cut' type tone control on most of the guitars I've owned.

I would like to suggest this circuit attached here.

This circuit acts, when the tone pot is turned down, exactly like the 'normal' tone control but

at the other end provides the 'treble bleed', which gives a 'treble boost 'effect. Full adjustable

to get the sound you want.

So, you get treble cut and boost for the cost of one extra capacitor.

Regards Channelman


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Yea, with passive circuits you can only cut frequencies.

Yep, you are correct BUT

If ALL frequencies are CUT (action of Volume Control) BUT the

high frequencies are not cut by as much (action of the Treble Bleed

Cap) then in relation to the lower frequencies the treble frequencies

will be at a higher level (or boosted).

Passive tone controls which 'boost' and 'cut' both treble and bass have

been in existence for years.....it's all relative :D


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As drawn, you don't get any "treble boost" unless the volume is turned down - with the volume pot wide open, the 1nF cap is effectively shorted out.


I don't run my setup with the guitar volume on full...so it works for me.

It never sounds 'right' to me on full....just personal preference I suppose.

If you do...then...it don't work.


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