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Hi! I'm New Here, Can You Help Me With This Wiring?


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Hello everyone... my first post, and already asking for stuff :D

I wanted to swap the humbucker(Dimarzio Tone Zone) in my MIM Strat (SSH with 1 vol & 1 tone)

The switch on it is a 5 way, 4 pole. Can I do this wiring with that switch?


Also, can anyone "translate this" into a wiring diagram?

I think my switch is a 4-way one. It came with the guitar. It has 4 poles on each side, current wiring has 1 pickup on each pole, and the other for the tone.

This is it :


Thanks a lot and cheers from Portugal!


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Ok, I've ordered a Switch for this.

Just curious...If I added a push pull pot on the volume knob, what different combinations could I achieve? Any ideas?

about the only thing you could do with that would be to use it so you could turn on one of the pickups in addition to the ones that were selected by the selector switch. it would give you a couple of extra sounds but its not likely to give many extras that would be useful. For instance if you used 'PU2' (from the original diagram) it would give you:

PU1 + PU2

PU1 + PU2 (both the same and also already available from the standard selector switch)

PU1 + PU2 + PU3 (might sound ok but probably wont, wont be hum cancelling either)

PU3B + PU2 (one of the strat tones the original is missing, not one of the better ones though IMHO)

PU3 + PU2 (again might sound ok but wont be humbucking)

you can get a few differant options by using the other pickups but most of them arn't very useful either. I'd just stick with the super switch, it gives you most of the best pickup combinations.

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