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Masking Plain Dot Fret Markers Inlay?


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First to say that I am not planning to this on my own..

But..i really hate plain dot markers..

So, would it be complicated/expensive to mask them with some other form..?

I like Vaish Vine inlay, but thats too expensive, and probably impossible to do in Serbia, anyway..

So..maybe something like pyramids..or even better, some original concept..but something not complicated..

It should be inlay that stays in between the frets..but not something that streches through the entire neck..

I was thinking about maybe adding something like leaves arround the dots, so that it look like a flower..

And does anyone have some link for finding some graphical desgns, to get maybe some idea..?

Thank you very much..

This is awesome forum!

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Welcome Petar!

You won't find too many fans of the ol' dot fretboards around here. To answer your question, most anything is possible. Have you inlayed before? If not practice on some scrap wood first, it is not the easiest to do. There are plenty of designs around, your best bet is to search the web. Maybe some of the real inlay experts can help too.

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I am not trying to do it myself..i just wanna know is there a way that that operation cost me cheap..?

I was even thinking of maybe even adding some kind of leaves, made out of some kind of plasticised paper, and to glue it arround the dots..

That would look much nicer..but..

What material would be best to for that..

Cause i don't wnna endanger playability..

And would, for example, bending destroy that glued leave-shapped paper add on..?

Thank you!

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Shortcuts like that usually lead to sub standard finishes, which will never last and you will be disappointed in thelong run. I think paper would probably detoriate over time unless you sealed it in some way, in shich case, the sealing finish may well do more harm to the playability.

Youd be better off doing a proper inlay, which is not a difficult as youd think, but takes time and some skill with a sharp knife, but the posibilities are endless. If I had batteries, I could show you the inlay job I just did to replace a damaged dot inlay with a Wenge block. fairly easy if you take your time and dont rush it, and the results are all the more rewarding.

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