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Hand Painting A Guitar.


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I am a total noob at guitars, except for playing them.

I currently have a used Gibson guitar--I don't know what year or model, but it slightly resembles a les paul) which has a crappily done straight-black paint job with several marks or scratches on it.

I thought it would be really cool to repaint it in something very unique and groovy. I am thinking of something like Eric Clapton's 'Fool Guitar', if any of you have seen it. I also have some pictures of other psychedelic style guitars.

Now, I don't possess the artistic talent or creativity to design and paint it myself, but I am in college and know several art majors who would be willing--even excited--to try it.

All of the tutorials I have seen seem to involve spray paint or airbrushes. What sort of paint could be safely used to do by hand? This might be implied in one of the tutorials, but like I said, I'm a total noob.

I assume that removing the current paint from the guitar is the same process, no matter what.

What about the waxing or whatever? Is that pretty much the same process as well?

Thanks for the info.

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you can allways paint by hand, its just how smooth you want it.. and you can allways sand and put a clear over it as well..

the spray stuff is because thats what yeilds the best results for a standard finish..

seal the guitar, paint it, sand the super high spots..





repeat untill its smooth...

my be pretty thick, but would look cool..

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