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Is There A Standard Distance From Neck Pocket To Bridge?


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My question is similar to one posted but a little more specific so I thought I'd post it as a new topic.

Is there a standard distance from neck pocket to bridge?

It appears that Warmoth guitar bodies are built to a specific standard in order to be compatible with the necks they sell. Their necks are also built to be compatible with existing Fender bodies so they must use a fixed length of wood for the neck itself.

I've read the Hiscock and Hirst books, been reading this forum forever and I think I can kind of answer my own question. If I understand everything correctly, the only way the distance between the pocket to the bridge can be "universal" is if the necks are all constructed for that specific set up (like Warmoth, the scales can be range from 24.75" to 25.5" as long as the fretboard is put in the correct place on that uniform neck). Is that correct?

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Well--I'm not quite sure that I understand you but what's really important is the distance from the nut to the twelfth fret is the same as the distance from the twelfth fret to the bridge. As as you make sure those distances equal to eachother, you can build a neck of pretty much any scale lenth to work w/ your body and bridge placement. There's no "universal" though in practice things tend to be built to certain popular specs--Fender, Gibson, PRS, etc.

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He's asking what the Fender specs are.

Every Fender neck (and compatible after market brand neck) is made to the same dimensions ... so that it will interchange onto any Fender body. (note that this is within the same product line ... a Tele is different from a Strat, etc.) So while there are lots of neck/neck pocket dimension combinations that can be made to work with a 25.5" scale, they are not all compatible with the standard Fender dimensions.

If you want to be able to interchange with a Fender neck, cut your neck pocket to accept the shape and size of the Fender neck heel. Then position your bridge for the 25.5" scale. You will need to make your neck dimensions compatible with Fender's too.

I don't have Tele dimensions handy though.

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Thanks ryanb, that's exactly what I am looking for. So, I guess I'm looking for Fender neck specs, then (or I can just buy one and measure it myself).

I was hoping to make my first build compatible with other aftermarket necks (specifically Warmoth and Mitghy Mite) just in case I don't like the way my neck comes out.

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