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Les Paul Binding


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in making a les paul without the fancy binding stuff in the cuttaway, how tall does the binding need to be? I plan on having it parallel to the bottom etc. the whole way around, so can i get away with using 1/4 inch tall binding?


That would depend on your carve. Look up Setch's LP build. It was a great source for info.


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jer7440 asked: I have a couple of questions going back to the top carving.

3) How tall is your binding? The tallest I saw at Stew-Mac was 3/8. Does your

binding channel overlap into the mahogony?



3. To preserve the height of the carve my binding was routed so that the maple/mahogany joint was in the centre of the binding. The binding is 1/4″ all around the body, except in the cutaway, where it gets almost 7/16″ tall.


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Sorry to bump and old topic, but...I getting ready to bind my LP and I have exactly what setch talked about. All of my binding needs to be 1/4 inch tall except for in the cutaway where is is almost 7/16. Does anyone make a 7/16 tall binding in a color other than cream. I would really prefer something in black or white.

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