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New To Here, Need Help For Wiring


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Plan to install EMG 89 (Neck) and X2N (Bridge), With 1 volum, 1 tone, both of which are push-pull pots, and a 3 way lever-action switch.

Getting comfused with wiring them together.

Need to wire them like this:

Volum pot controls EMG89's single/hum switching

Tone pot controls X2N's series/parallel switching

3 way switch action as : full EMG89 / blend / full X2N

Please help figuring out the wiring diagram for this setup.

Thanks and best regards to all.

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You can't have EMG actives and passive pickups using the same volume and tone pots I'm affraid.

EMG's require you to use 50Kohm pots whereas passive humbuckers use 500Kohm pots. Intresting idea for a setup though! can I suggest having two volumes and no tone?

If you really want single volume and tone there is a way to do it using what are called dual gang pots (essentially two pots that share the same shaft) you'd have to take appart several pots to make up a dual gang with the correct values of pots though, and you'd have to have your sereis parrallel and single/hum switching on additional switches as to my knowlage there's no such thing as a dual gang pot with a push/pull switch (it'd probably be to long to fit in a guitar body anyway).

hope this is of help


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