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1) Fender MIM neck and midle strat pickups with screws and springs. Excellent condition


2) No-Name white humbucker, new, never installed still has protective plastic

3) No-Name creme/black humbucker set work fine but both have short leads and one has exposed wire near the pickup body. Other than that the pickups themselves look new. These are great if you wanted to learn to work on pickups.

4) SeymourDuncan Jerry Donahue Telecaster Bridge pickup model APTL-3JD. Like new condition. $75 plus shipping online new for these. This one is linke new with only about 30 days that it was actually in a guitar.


5) Peavey USA Wolfgang Black Back EVH neck position humbucker , lots of lead and in excellent condition. This is a very sweet hot humbucker. These go for $45-50 plus shipping on eBay. This one is in excellent condition.


6) VanZandt middle position single coil pickup, not sure which model but it is pretty hot, lots of lead and in excellent condition. Texas based company that puts out some of the best pickups around. It is about $180 plus shipping for a set of 3 of these. This was in the middle position of a Fender Nashville Tele for about 30 days then pulled when the guitar was sold along with the SD pickup from above.

*****************************decided to keep***************************************

I will ship international also but you just need to let me know to where so I can let you know how much. I will only ship international with USPS Globel Express since they offer tracking and 3-5 day delivery pretty much anywhere.


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I have another set of pickups to add to the list of pickups for sale. This is a set of 3 strat syle Seymour Duncan Little 59 PAF pickups. They are all inexcellent condition with the middle pickup having never even been installed. Looking for $135 for the set or $50 each shipped in the lower 48 of the USA. These are about $75 each new on eBay.


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