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Warmoth Build -- Floyd Rose Nut And Bridge Radius

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I'm planning a Warmoth that I want to put an OFR on. I'm getting a 16" radius neck and am trying to figure what my options are for the locking nut and bridge. I know that I can shim the bridge to get the radius right. But I don't know wabout the nut. I looks like FR makes a 15" radius nut, but I haven't found any anywhere.

Any thoughts?


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Floyd Rose does not make a 16" nut. The 15" nut does exist but is not easy to find (you might try direct from Floyd Rose). Most of their nuts are 10". Another option is to go for something like an Ibanez locking nut ... most of which would be 430mm radius.

As you have discovered, finding a matching locking nut is often the hardest part. Usually the best plan is to choose the nut first and build your neck to match.

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when it comes to the nut a slightly smaller radius would be better than a flatter one

on a bridge slightyly flatter would be better

you could file the nut to a 16" and make it a perfect mach

chords are more comfortible with more of a curve

while bending is better with a flatter radius

and at 16" you should not have that problem

its all about feel and what you like. try both if you can

get two cheap plastic nuts and file the the two radiuses

and try them out and see what you like

a cheap plastic nut can be had for a couple bucks

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